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Paterra is a trademark with more than two hundred relevant products for your home, life and leisure. You will find a variety of accessories for housekeeping in one trademark:

PATERRA has one of the widest assortment at the market. It is well-balanced and fast selling. Merchandise turnover in wholesales takes 14-21 days, in retail chains - 30-40 days. A variety of goods makes them highly-demanded for various stores (grocery shops with a small household corners, specialized shopping centers, DIY stores etc.) We are sure - if your business is connected with sales through retail stores your customers will find a great number of attractive goods in our catalogue.

What is the difference between PATERRA and plenty of competitors?

The assortment will surprise you with a variety of new innovative products. All of them are quite untypical for the Russian market and significantly facilitate housekeeping. Almost a quarter of items has a special "spice" which attracts customer’s attention and increases a competitive brand position.

PATERRA is a trademark with the highest quality of all products and affordable price level for mass buyers.

So why does PATERRA quality meet the majority of consumers requests?

The main reason is that technical characteristics of each product come up to the concept of "required quality".

To reduce the existing characteristics of products mean to stop guarantee a perfect result. The buyer will not make repeated purchases, which automatically leads to complications in marketing and significant reduction of interest to your store.

The existing premium quality of PATERRA can satisfy everyone even the most discerning consumer. At the same time PATERRA remains to be the brand with the lowest cost among similar quality products. Mass buyers can afford products of this trademark. That’s why goods are being successfully sold throughout Russia from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad and CIS countries despite the general economic level of the region.

Why is PATERRA so preferable?

Bright packing attracts attention, complete information about the product and its benefits allows the buyer to take a deeper look and make an independent choice without sales staff involvement. Affordable price is one of the main reasons for buying. A good result and premium quality create a comfortable feeling and positive outlook towards products of PATERRA. You can be sure that buyers will come back to your store many times to buy these products. This fact will guarantee you a stable turnover and constant profit.

Buyers are looking for PATERRA, choose it and come back to it again and again!

And as a special treat - several weighty arguments in favor of PATERRA!

Products of PATERRA are always necessary in housekeeping that’s why they are so fast-selling and also provide continuous sales. These goods have not seasonality and can be sold all over the year. Not necessary to worry about of interseasonal decreases, no risks of product residues at the end of the season. These items do not have the shelf life and storage restrictions. You do not need to think what to do with an expired item and how to provide necessary conditions for storage and transportation.